My biography

“To enter the world of a child (or a cat) the least you must do is sit down on the ground without interrupting the child in whatever he is doing, and wait for him to notice you…” Bruno Munari


I´m an Italian designer based in Reggio Emilia.

I worked with children since I was a teenager, when older I graduated at The Milan Design School and I started getting interested in the possibility of combining those two “passions” of mine. I had the chance to attend a course for Atelierista at Reggio Children in Reggio Emilia and few months later I started taking part in designing and facilitating design processes “for and with” children. In August 2016, I decided to attend the Child Culture Design master at HDK, Göteborg, to build and structure my design practice around children and in June 2018 I graduated with a project about Improvisation and Play.

Few months later I began to work for the Reggio Children Foundation in Reggio Emilia, where I’m actually researching and investigating the relationship between play and learning.

I´m interested in designing spaces for possibilities in which children can express themselves, spaces in which they can develop their own culture. I want to investigate design, as well as play, as tools to create those spaces and I want to investigate the role of the designer: how can I trigger, promote and enhance children voices, culture, knowledge and rights.

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