Björkås moves

Project description

In this school project we (the 1st year of Child Culture Design master) had the opportunity to work with participatory design. Our common task as a team in the 1st phase was to get involved and get in touch with the community of Björkås, a neighborhood in Ytterby, north of Göteborg.  It hasn’t been easy. They share a very defined space (Björkås) but despite of it they don’t feel a sense of belonging. Björkås as a community doesn’t have an identity and people don’t feel themselves as part of it.

In the second phase of this project each of us in the class developed his/her own project. I investigated board games; which features can be used and translated in the space to engage people actions and interactions with each other and the space itself. I investigated how Environmental Graphic Design could provide tools and inspiration to intervene in the site, how it could be used to make it even more unique and how it could drive actions and interactions in the space.

Design should provide people with possibilities. Possibilities to meet, to share, to discuss, to be, to think and to build our future. I liked the idea of creating a space of possibilities for Björkås. I also liked the idea that a “board game” could be adapted and used in a participatory design project. It could become the ground for engaging people and help them in discussions and co-creation.

Project details

  • Client: HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design
  • Category: University Project
  • Date: February – June, 2017
  • Place: Björkås Göteborg (Sweden)