The Design School for Children

Project description

The Design School for Children is a project by Paco Collaborative, a service design collective based in Milan. It is structured in a series of ┬ámini workshop-project for children from ages 6 to 11, dedicated to entertain, educate, raise awareness among both children and parents towards education in design. Children usually worked in groups of 3-4 and were asked to rethink or rediscover some of the objects or experiences of everyday life (such as heavy school bags, the first day of school or a new subject) attained through a fun and engaging process with manual activities and interaction within the children. Some of the workshop I worked with are “Children Design Jam”, “Mortadella in Bo”, “Kids love design”, .

Project details

  • Client: Paco Design Collaborative
  • Category: Codesign, Workshop
  • Date: September, 2013 – August, 2016
  • Place: Bologna, Milano (Italy)