Improvisation’s ingredients

Project description

Improvisation’s ingredients is an unusual workshop’s cookbook. It is a collection of moments and stories that took place in a series of co-design workshops with children and food. From a child culture design perspective I was asking myself and reflecting on which elements of the workshop and how much they have to be designed to enhance and empower children culture and children self-expression.

I brought into my design practice the concept of improvisation both as a strategy and an attitude to trigger while co-creating with children.

Both improvisation and co-design are acts of co-creation between participants / Both are based on rules and have limits and frames / Both are about communication and dialogue / Both are about observing and listening to the other participants / Both are about taking control and losing it / Both are about being spontaneous, being present and being proactive / Both are about claiming your space and respecting others spaces / Both are about being together

By setting up, designing and taking part in cooking workshop with children, by collecting pictures, thoughts and reflecting on them, this work aims to try out, show and highlight the inner potential of every workshop ingredient: improvisation, materials, tools, spatial settings and last but not least people and interactions.

Project details

  • Client: HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design
  • Category: Master thesis / Project
  • Data: September 2017 -June 2018
  • Place: Göteborg, Sweden