Project description

The Spacebook is an idea for an interactive object/room divider developed during the firs year of the master in collaboration with a classmate (Amanda Almvide). We wanted to create an object that could help children to create stories and interact and play with the space in which he lives.

Hello/I am here for you/I stand in this room, waiting for you/I am soft but also stable/I am a little bit taller than you, but still not too tall/You can touch me/You can change me/You can open and close me/You can play with me/You can play around me/I can tell you stories/You can tell me stories/We can create stories together/I become when you are here.

Project details

  • Client: HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design
  • Category: University Project
  • Data: November, 2016
  • Place: HDK, Göteborg (Sweden)