The Summer ( ) Space

Project description

The summer ( ) space is a period of 8 weeks during which a team of 4 Master student and 8 High school students collaborate together with the aim of working with local and regional challenges and potentials. The team I was part of,  worked with the topic of public spaces in Bergsjön, a neighborhood of Göteborg, with a focus on the lake.

We share the idea that a public space is a space for everybody to enjoy their coexistence and represent their collectivity and common interest without drowning or disaggregating their diversity (the Urban Dictionary) The identity, the high value and potential of Bergsjön is this diversity. Our challenge for the project was researching on how “this space” can enhance and at the same time connect different communities, groups and realities in Bergsjön.

Our idea started with a memory. A memory of a game/activity. It starts with a piece of paper. You can draw, you can color it, you can write a story on it, a note, a thoughts, an idea. Then you have to fold it and to turn it into a paper boat.We thought about a boat, because our focus on the lake. We imagined this paper boat as a symbol: the possibility for everybody to express an idea, an opinion, a wish.

Project details

  • Client: First to Know
  • Category: Co-design
  • Date: July-August, 2017
  • Place: Bergsjön, Göteborg (Sweden)